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Oh well

2010-09-01 13:20:06 by Bakaren

I'm back again

Leaning man

2010-01-10 07:09:11 by Bakaren

There is a really great forum thread named the leaning man! Unfortunately it isn't too popular, so I ask all of you artists to submit good stuff in here: 25913/


2009-12-01 07:57:02 by Bakaren

I reeaally hate doing this, but I'd really like if someone scouted me, so I'm only asking YOU to take a look at my art, and scout me if you like it..

Now with a body..

2009-11-19 16:09:32 by Bakaren

Newgrounds went and deleted one of my pics, so I decided to put this in..
It's pieces, with my body (at the time I was 12 or so),now with renewed body and a cleaned up background..
Check it in here: aren/pieceboy


2009-11-16 07:45:17 by Bakaren

I've now put up a picture that I've made by hand (Dum-Dum-Dum!)
It's called Pieces, but the real name for it was "Palapää", in finnish,
which is roughly translated to Piece-head
Unfortunately this is only a scetch of the head, but I will later submit a better version, that has a body..
The picture is propably lower quality now, but check it out here: aren/pieces



2009-11-07 17:40:32 by Bakaren

I've now got four pieces of art, at last..
BTW, here's my third piece of art


I'm watching you...

2009-11-06 13:30:51 by Bakaren

Just made myself a user picture, but since I don't have artistic talents like my sister, I couldn't do it by hand..
Btw, that's supposed to be an eye..
EDIT: My sis promised (once again) to make me some art, so expect it..
And as nobody knows, she can actually draw, and got A+ from her artwork in school.

I'm watching you...